Month: March 2016


“If You’re Happy, I’m Happy” – Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

  My grandmother who is a sun-sign Libra has a peculiar strategy in dealing with the way I choose to live my life. She’s from the old school and so she doesn’t really get why I choose to live my life the way I do. It’s not like I’m an extremely unconventional individual, unless you ask her of course. I simply choose to live and do what’s best for me but unfortunately that’s not really what’s good for her. If it was up to my grandma, she’d have me do things her way. Nevertheless, I have to admit our relationship has come a long way from what it once was. We would constantly argue about how I’m living my life which would pretty much end with me leaving her presence. But now she refers to a statement that insures that I won’t abruptly leave her while simultaneously keeping the peace between us. “If you happy, I’m happy”, she proclaims in her thick Russian accent when I reply to her inquiries about how life is going for me. …

Blue Dreams

Use Your Illusions- Pisces New Moon And Total Solar Eclipse

Whether we are a sun-sign Pisces or not, we all are going to experience this potent Pisces new moon and solar eclipse in a certain way. Wherever Pisces or Neptune it’s ruling planet is located in your chart, and the aspects it makes to your personal planets, there will be an influx of activity ranging from that which brings one a sense of ecstasy and bliss to that which may have felt like that at one point but now feels like a disillusionment. We may encounter scenarios that make us feel like a victim or a savior, someone who is looking for salvation or someone who feels helpless in trying to save another. The fact that a total solar eclipse is occurring during this lunation can wildly influence a dramatic shift in ourselves or our loved ones as one door may be closing while another opens. By using the Piscean energy of letting it go we allow for the process to unfold more naturally.


The Astrology Of Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was the lead singer for the rock band known as the Doors and was known for his psychedelic inspired music and performances that captivated audiences worldwide. Far from being the average rock band at the time, Jim and his band The Doors experimented heavily with acid which inspired the music and performances that made him notoriously famous. They created a sound that was highly innovative using the latest technology which was a fitting accompaniment to Jim’s distinctive haunting baritone voice. His songs tackled dark and powerful subjects such as death, murder, and madness, along with the traditional themes of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.