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“If You’re Happy, I’m Happy” – Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse



My grandmother who is a sun-sign Libra has a peculiar strategy in dealing with the way I choose to live my life. She’s from the old school and so she doesn’t really get why I choose to live my life the way I do. It’s not like I’m an extremely unconventional individual, unless you ask her of course. I simply choose to live and do what’s best for me but unfortunately that’s not really what’s good for her. If it was up to my grandma, she’d have me do things her way. Nevertheless, I have to admit our relationship has come a long way from what it once was. We would constantly argue about how I’m living my life which would pretty much end with me leaving her presence. But now she refers to a statement that insures that I won’t abruptly leave her while simultaneously keeping the peace between us. “If you happy, I’m happy”, she proclaims in her thick Russian accent when I reply to her inquiries about how life is going for me. Internally, I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Part of me really wants to believe her but the other part of me suspects she’s just playing nice. Regardless, at least I don’t feel like my point of view wasn’t considered and peace and harmony continues to prevail between us up to this day.

The Libra full moon lunar eclipse on Wednesday, March 23rd signifies relationships of all kinds, collaborations and commitments we agree to being a part of. The proper functioning of the Libra archetype is symbolic of the harmonious and peaceful ways of relating with others so that everyone involved in a particular arrangement will have their point of view and needs considered. “If you’re happy, I’m happy”, says Libra. Now along comes Aries the opposite sign of Libra in the Zodiac and where the sun is currently positioned. Aries signifies the individual and his or her needs directly being met and achieved. Whatever it is that Aries wants, Aries usually gets. “My way or the highway”, says Aries. Aries is not a jerk really, it’s just the archetype that is responsible for us getting that one thing that we think we need in order for us to survive. Both archetypes can’t really live without the other. Aries might not know it but it secretly needs Libra. Aries may be too head-strong to realize it but who’s gonna be on the receiving end of the world-renown bold and aggressive Arian charm when looking for a mate? And who’s gonna be there when Aries needs to boast and brag about the incredible daredevil stunts of survival and exciting adventures that they experienced? As for Libra, how are you going to remember to include yourself and your own needs when involved in all your various types of relationships and collaborations? Yes, you two are a match made in heaven. One is all for oneself while the other tends to overlook oneself. One is considerate of others while the other is determined to make sure their needs are at the top of the list. It’s a marriage made in heaven but it might’ve began in hell!

The Aries and Libra archetype is inherent in all of us regardless if we are a sun sign Aries or Libra. This is the zodiac axis that deals with relationship between self and other. Polar opposites collide all for what we call love, or sex, depending on who you’re asking. It is the stimulus and crux that the relationship is built on and requires both parties to, dare I say it, compromise, which is in fact a Libran attribute. However, when taken to the extreme we end up with someone who loses sight of their own needs just for the sake of keeping the peace and harmony in the relationship. Next thing you know, no one can seem to make up their mind and decide on what to do resulting in a stale mate and stale life. That’s when our Aries function needs to kick back in, hopefully not literally, and remind us to dig deep down inside oneself to find that motivating and inspiring reason to live and just do it!

“Rocking the boat” that one finds oneself in can seem nerve racking and I get it how one would rather choose to remain nice and pretty, sitting tight and not making a fuss. But then I wonder just how much of myself am I giving away, and settling for something completely void of life and vitality. This is not how I felt before this relationship began so then how come I’m settling for it now? Ah, then dependency issues pops up it’s uninvited head. A classic case of Libra gone wild. The question then arises, “Am I just going to let things be as they are in order not to risk losing what I have?” The mirrors of honesty have surrounded us and the only way out is by mustering our courage and being authentic. These are the gifts of Aries and what we need in order to face our fear. But we must do so using tact and consideration, Libran traits, for our partner otherwise we can press the self-destruct button and blow everything into smithereens including ourselves! That’s Aries gone loco.

All this is just part of the joy and fun of experiencing this full moon’s dynamic and tension filled activities where you and I are the players of this game called life and love. Being that this is a lunar eclipse as well, we can safely rely on it bringing even more drama juice to the bargaining table. The events that we may experience could be indicators of what has already reached a culminating point. Old emotional and behavioral patterns are brought up into the full moon light to be seen for what they are and if they are truly benefiting us. As we become aware of these patterns of relating, we can potentially allow a release of that which no longer serves us and thereby prepare our internal soil to sprout  new ways of being and relating.

The force is with us all.