Readings are available in-person at my studio in West Hollywood, by Skype, or by phone. Please make sure to have your exact time of birth and location as they are extremely important. A reading is  60 minutes and includes a copy of your natal horoscope and an mp3 digital recording of our session.

A natal chart reading can provide much insight into the various components that make up your personality, who you are at a core level, strengths, and challenges. We will discuss what is happening to you now, how it is connected to your past whether it be personal, relationships or work related, and how we can choose to create a more satisfying future for you.  Your transit chart can reveal your current cosmic climate  as well as what’s being triggered, for how long to expect certain conditions to last, and the best use to take advantage of them. If there are specific questions that need to be addressed we can gain much insight by looking at these as well as your secondary progressions to see how they are affecting specific planets in your natal chart.

Whether you are simply looking for guidance as to how to weather a storm or just some inspiration to realign yourself to your true north point on your inner compass, book a reading today.