Pure Being Astrology

Your natal chart or horoscope is a blueprint or roadmap that is stamped with the way the planets were aligned and the angles they formed between each other at the exact time of your birth. A snapshot from the universe that is symbolic at its essence. Here you will find the karmic inheritance that you have been born with that composes your psychological makeup and the potential that is possible in order to create your magnificent and unique Self. There will be challenge however, and if that challenge is met,  reward is meted out as per the laws of the universe dictate: That which you sow shall you reap.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.

As much as I respect the guidance of astrology, I strongly feel that the individual has the power to choose how to live one’s life by working with the raw materials symbolized and gifted to us by the planets and our Universe. That which we are ignorant of we call fate, and that which we become aware of, frees us to choose a different destiny. The choice ultimately rests with us, not the planets.

The astrology that I practice is a blend of psychological astrology that is influenced by esoteric thought and far-east traditions. One’s external reality is the direct result of the well-being of one’s soul. By focusing in on our inner world we can potentially facilitate a deep healing that would be reflected in our outer world. You can’t change your life until you start looking within first. This seems to be a challenging thing that many would prefer to over look.

During or after a reading insight and understanding can be gained as to how specific patterns and tendencies originate in one’s life, relationships, and career, and the power to choose a different reality to live by rather than to be a slave of whatever we are used to.
Astrology is most effective when we use it to become aware of the patterns, also known as universal archetypes and/or signs, and how they shape our lives. These patterns reflect our inner psyche, and how that inner process is reflected again in the outer world. Studying the symbolism of the planets brilliantly helps us with this.

What I seek to accomplish is to guide you to your own wisdom. My goal is to reintroduce you to your instincts so that you may once again become the conscious, co-creator of a living universe within awaiting to become an inspiring reality.