Rebel With A Cause- Aquarius New Moon and Website

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How fitting to be starting up this website and blog at the Aquarian New Moon. The sign of Aquarius, with it’s ruler Uranus symbolizes astrology, the internet, and break-throughs. I have been learning so much recently about internet technology and all the tech-talk associated with setting up a blog and an astrology website. What surprised me is that I had no preconceived ideas about when would be the best time to launch it. To me, thats a sign that I’m in harmony with the universal flow. I’m not big on casting a chart to make a decision for me. It would be nice to notice the transits at the time but I need to rely on my gut instinct and my intuition as far as what feels right in any given moment and to cross-check that with what my immediate environment and reality is communicating to me. If things seem a bit hectic at the moment I would tend to hold off until I feel that I got the “green light” from the world around me rather than what I might interpret a current planetary transit to mean. Just like now! It didn’t take long for me to realize that the Aquarius New Moon was highly compatible with what I’m doing!

Aquarius is a transpersonal and  collective sign which means that it is concerned with the overall big picture and see how that’s benefitting humanity as a whole. We all have the Aquarian archetype in us regardless if you’re a sun-sign Aquarius. It’s active agent is Uranus and the psychological function that it represents is to awaken, progress, and illuminate higher truths that go beyond our personal ways of how we prefer to live. It can be hard to control and harness since it’s a transpersonal sign which can lead to the negative consequences associated with Uranus such as rebelling and shocking behavior, and extreme detachment. It requires us to work with the process at hand rather than to resist it. Now that doesn’t mean that we should just say “okay, Mr. Uranus, just do as you please, I give up!” No, it asks for our full, conscious participation. Only then will we have an opportunity to be changed through the process and potentially break free from our self-imposed limitations with ourselves and how it relates to the groups and organizations we’re a part of.

With Uranus in my first house conjuncting my ascendent and North Node, trining my moon, and sharply squaring my MC, it’s no surprise that I can be quite Uranian unless you’re on the opposite end of a conversation with me! Aquarius rules my fourth house so I am the designated alien of the family. I have to admit it wrecked havoc in my early childhood and teenage years. Rebel was my middle name. Coming from a strict and religious home Uranus was constantly activated and non-conforming became an ingrained instinct in me from the get go. Much was done in the name of revolution and shocking behavior yet it was my saving grace for what I was fighting for at that time was my freedom and individuality with regards to my family and community. Most of the time I can’t say that it was under control and for a while it felt that my reality was filled with constant disruptions, eruptions, and the breaking away of many important people in my life. It’s only when I learned how to consciously direct Uranus’ energy and start turning it inward rather than acting it out that I was able to produce outcomes that were less catastrophic which lead to unexpected and surprising results.

Remember as children most of us were grossed out when we had to drink that nasty, syrupy stuff every four hours while sick for unending days to finally get better? If we rebelled and refused we couldn’t get rid of our ill-feelings. It seems like the same principal holds true with Uranus. By turning Uranus inward we can learn how to emotionally detach from ourselves in order to see what’s going on in our internal world. We can become an objective witness into our own psyche and observe what’s really going on in there. This is how I worked with Uranus and Aquarius. I had to rebel myself, in order to free myself, from myself. A bigger picture opened up and was made available for me as I silently observed all that I was experiencing,  moving past judging myself and others, in particular my family. It felt magical but I didn’t feel like I was doing the magic.

I can  now say that my family understands that there are times when I need to be alone as well as to feel free and express myself in a way that is not like what they know and are used to but rather unique to my own way. So now when I return from time apart from them, we meet each other with a renewed and what seems like an unbreakable and unconditional love that I may never have known had it not been for Uranus’ magic. It took many splits and breaking away from them but inevitably the truth and vision that I have for myself was acknowledged by them while I simultaneously acknowledged theirs. We still have lots of work to do with each other, but at least now I don’t feel threatened by the process and have another memory to reference for the future.

What about you? Where does Uranus live in your chart. How has he been requiring that you work with him? Check out if you haven’t already to see where you can find him in your birth chart. You can always contact me as well if you have any questions or are interested in a detailed chart reading.

Have a blessed and enlightening month.


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