Tech-Support Virgo Full Moon

A tech support superstar bears his superhero undershirt

Could you imagine life without tech-support for the devices we own like our computer, cell-phone, or the latest hi-tech devices? Just the thought alone can put a knot in my stomach real quick. Thankfully, nowadays whenever a problem arises with our mechanical experiences we can always rely on the fact that in the worst case scenario, tech-support is just a phone call away to fix our problem and the headache that accompanied it!

If only it was that simple with our personal lives and the conundrums we have with trying to create the perfect life for ourselves or the perfect work environment that we want to be a part of. We may get stressed initially when we realize there’s a problem but it most likely wouldn’t get as disastrous and wreak havoc in our lives because we know that “tech-support-for-life” is just a phone call away to hopefully bring us back to our merry little selves.

I think as human-beings, we’ve grown accustomed to asking someone else, “Ok, but how do you do this?”, or “Could you tell me how to fix this?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m included in this description.  Look, life’s already too complicated as we’ve made it. The last thing we all need is another minor issue creating a massive headache blocking us from experiencing our oneness with ourselves, our devices, or situation. And then of course there’s always the chance that tech-support can’t fix the issue, yikes!!! Now we really feel the blood pressure start to rise. My head gets really hot and it feels like the space in the room is getting smaller and smaller. “WTF?, whadayamean you can’t fix it??” Gradually, we feel the descent into the world of anxiety, stress, and ultimately chaos as we arrive in the land of “flipping-out.”

So now what? Nothingness is here. No where to run to, no where to turn as we seem to have lost our connection to our true selves because we don’t know what else to do. It’s almost as if something else has taken over. Interesting yet uninviting experiences greet us in this state. Depending on our situation, we can either resist and fight our way out of this nightmare and empower this type of frantic and neurotic behavior until we find a solution, or we can stop in our tracks for at least a moment, remember that we are creatures that need to breathe for our continued survival, and accept the reality of our situation. From this stage, things are already not as chaotic. Our rational faculties have returned to some degree and we can now start to take practical measures towards our ascent back to normality, whatever that means. By accepting the situation, I’m not implying that you surrender to your misery. On the contrary, it is from here that we can bring back order into the chaos. But it won’t occur until the realization of acceptance of our situation has entered our awareness.

The full moon on Monday, February 22nd occurs in Virgo at 3 degrees. The function of the Virgonian archetype, which we all have in us even if we’re not a sun-sign Virgo, is the capacity to develop and hone a particular skill so that we can be of service and feel useful in our society. It is the ability to organize and look with precision at what we’re doing in order to be  an efficient worker. Taken too far, this function can become overly critical in finding faults within ourselves, others, as well as the system it finds itself a part of. Neurotic compulsions can develop if we zoom into the details too much with our microscope thereby losing site of the big picture. We can learn something from Pisces, Virgo’s opposite sign which can provide the remedy and antidote to too much Virgo. By releasing our need to control every little thing in our life to go exactly the way we want it to and accept what already is happening we can bring us back to our source of peace and well-being. Pisces returns us to that state of oneness that Virgo likes to breakdown into parts, and potentially over analyze. Things don’t have to be working at an efficient and optimum state. As a matter of fact, things don’t have to be working at all as Pisces would rather retreat into a boundless world where everything is ideal with a sense of feeling connected to it all as one big immeasurable unit that needs no fixing or critiquing. Now that’s when you got too much Pisces!

So whenever we detect a problem that needs fixing we can  “tech-support” ourselves or our situation. In case we’ve traveled to the farthest polarity and extremes of the Virgonian archetype, we can call upon our Piscean function of  letting go, accepting, and flowing with the situation for all it is, flaws and all, and allow ourselves to return to our center point where self-improvements meets surrender. This is the dynamic and  focal point of the Virgo-Pisces axis and the full moon for the next two weeks. Depending where the Virgo-Pisces axis is located in your chart, that’s where all the action, or inaction will take place.

A tech support superstar bears his superhero undershirt